Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This was unexpected

     Well, I went to Gordon's house like I said I was going to. Had a pretty fun time, we got some Borderlands Lan in. Managed to level up and play some of the DLC that I had finally gotten around to downloading. It was a pretty fun time up until I was ready to crash.

     Honestly I was feeling pretty tired towards the end of our Borderlands Lan session and fell asleep at about ten ish. I remember having a pretty bad dream about a field that was on fire and being consumed by the flames. It was unsettling but that wasn't exactly the worst part of my night.

     I know I took my medicine. I'm absolutely sure I did. Unfortunately when Gordon decided he was going to prank me after I had fallen asleep, I was nowhere to be seen. He found me upstairs, sitting outside on one of his white chairs, playing with a knife. I don't remember getting up, I'm fairly certain I was still dreaming at the time, which disturbs me.

     Call it paranoia as a result of exhaustion, but I could've swore I was being watched the rest of the night. I'm starting to think this journey into Astral Projection and so forth is really going to bite me in the ass but I don't really wanna stop. I'm so fascinated by it all and I know I'll find a mental balance in time.

     Might start hanging out with Gordon a little more in the coming days, that's the plan at least. With any luck I'll actually be able to rest at his place and perhaps practice some Astral Projection there. Who knows.

     Take care everyone!

- The Acquitted

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