Thursday, April 14, 2011


     I feel absolutely miserable right now. I got a little rest last night at Gordon's house, but not enough to really feel much better. My eyes still burn from exhaustion, and my body feels like it weighs ten tons.
     On my way to Gordon's house I once again had the feeling I was being followed, but I didn't get my camera out in time. I noticed a black hooded figure lingering behind a row of cars, but when I went to inspect it there was nothing there. I'm starting to suspect this is less about a prank and possibly something a bit more serious. That or this sleep deprivation is really getting the better of my mental state.

     To further elaborate on my deteriorating thought process, last night was a trippy experience all together. It would feel like I was sitting beside myself, watching me, watch Gordon play a video game. It was rather redundant but rather strange as well. I can only describe the event as similar to my previous experiences with Astral Projection but in a different form. I can't recall fading in and out of consciousness, as anytime I felt like I was watching myself, the me that I was watching looked wide awake (albeit "zombified").

     I came home early this morning though I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. To my surprise there were no random notes, and nothing seemed out of place or out of the ordinary. This was only a temporary relief. I'm hoping perhaps I can get more than just a few hours of sleep tonight.

     On a side note, I wound up leaving my camera over at Gordon's last night and am hoping to get it back before I rest. We'll see how that goes. He says it'll be here either tonight or tomorrow, whenever he feels like taking time out of his schedule to deliver it to me. Can't really blame him, he gets about as much sleep as I have. Right now even I'm too exhausted to walk through the neighborhood to get it myself.

     That's all for now. Take care everyone, wish me luck on my attempts at sleep.

- The Acquitted

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