Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here goes nothing

     So I'm gonna try some more attempts at Astral Projection. I haven't been delving into Lucid Dreaming much as it's becoming more a side journey for me. I feel Astral Projection really will lead me in a profound direction, call it a hunch, but I'm hoping it will be very enlightening. I'm gonna apply some of the other methods Sara discussed with me that we didn't all get on video, and see where it leads me.

     No more real strange dreams. The last dream I had was actually relatively amusing albeit far from lucid. I was at some sorta bar with my friends, whom are under the age of 21. I don't look like I'm 21, so the waiter who was taking our order for food questioned my appearance and ID when I asked for beer as well. I remember chewing him out in a very thorough manner about how I don't appreciate his behavior and asking to speak to a manager.

     Somewhere around there I managed to score a round of Beer on the house for my friends and I. The ladies we were with Sara and her friend, were underage. So my buddy Gordon and I took their beers and proceeded to down them. The reason Gordon didn't get questioned is cause he (unlike me), can grow a full beard and definitely looks the part. I guess they figured if I looked like I was 16, but was drinking age, then the guy next to me who looks 23 but is actually 19, must also be legal.

     Kinda funny. I needed a funny dream to relieve some of my stress. Though it really made me want to drink tonight and I'm fresh outta cash. Gotta wait to get paid here soon. More videos will be on the way guys!

     Have a wonderful day

- The Acquitted

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