Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well today was unexpectedly rocky

    I'm not gonna lie right now guys. I'm absolutely exhausted today. I woke up sometime last night to find myself sitting at the bottom of my stairs, taking off my shoes and socks. I didn't fall asleep with them on obviously. I'm a little concerned that things I once had under control are starting to slip from my grasp. I'm trying not to get too personal here, but I've been battling manic depression, insomnia and sleep walking for as long as I can remember. I'm on a slew of different medications that are supposed to help with these conditions, and they seemed to be working.

    Judging from last night's events I believe I had another sleep walking episode. I haven't kept track of my cigarettes as well as I should have, but based on the way my mouth tasted when I "came to", I'd say I was outside smoking. My brain apparently told my body I needed nicotine but didn't bother to bring me to a full state of consciousness. I guess it's kinda funny when I put it like that.

    In any case, I suppose I should mention the dream I had last night. Really not much to say, once more this was not a Lucid Dream which is what my ultimate goal was. However I do remember very vividly having a running dream. It was short lived though. It was night time, I was running through some sort of forested area. I don't remember feeling a sense of fear, more a sense of urgency. I know for a fact I wasn't being chased by anyone or anything, but instead it felt like I was pursuing someone very intently. Not sure who, or what it was I was running after, but I woke up before I could find out.

    A friend suggested that maybe I send in my dreams to a self proclaimed "expert" on deciphering the meanings of dreams. I don't think I'm going to do that. Personally I'm the kinda person who believes that dreams are completely random and based on mood, and thought, rather than being some sort of psychic foreshadowing. I guess the option is still open if I get particularly bored, but if I do manage to induce Lucid Dreams more regularly that would prove to me that dreams hold no real significance other than giving your mind a chance to escape.

    Oh, on a completely different note; I will be setting up a YouTube channel and probably posting my dreams there as well. I've already got a couple recorded because quite frankly it's a lot easier to talk into a camera when you're groggy and tired than it is to sit in front of a bright computer monitor and compose your thoughts. This was a suggestion of my lady friend, and I think I'm gonna take it to heart. Maybe someone will be interested in my studies and methods that I'm trying.

    Still haven't gotten to the subject of Astral Projection yet, but my gal is actually going to help me with some meditation methods she's learned on her own. She thinks that this might be beneficial to my Astral Projection if I can induce some form of meditation while I'm asleep and completely propel my thoughts out of my physical body. I guess it's worth a shot right?

    Anyway, take care everyone and have a wonderful rest of your day.

- The Acquitted

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