Saturday, April 16, 2011

I don't know what to think

     Got a video up on YouTube, which I'm sure has been seen already. Virtually everything I needed to say was already said. All this shit still doesn't feel real. I can't get ahold of Gordon. It shows he's online sometimes on Skype, but he doesn't stick around long enough to reply. But I guess it's at least a good sign that he's not dead. I'll probably visit him in a few days, right now I'm very tired physically and mentally. Not to mention I'm also a little nervous of being near that area.
     I swear the cops here are just for show. They have no problem pulling people over for the silliest reasons, but when something serious actually happens they accuse it of being fake. I guess I can't really blame them, from what I gather no body was ever found. There were no drops of blood, no sign of struggle, nothing of the sort. Which is strange because there was quite a bit of blood that I saw on that footage.

     From what I can tell it looks like she was stabbed a few times in the abdomin, pausing the video at the right time definitely shows the skin lifting and what appears to be her intestines exposed amidst a mess of blood. There was quite a bit of blood smeared across her neck and face in general, I'm guessing the attacker muffled her screams with his own bloodied hand. I'm no crime expert, but it didn't look like blood flowing from her mouth, but rather blood that was rubbed on her face.

     Just thinking about it is making me pretty ill right now. It was impossibly hard to sleep last night, though for some strange reason I did manage to nod off for a little while. In my unconscious state I remember having a very vivid dream of going through a field that had fire slowly spreading throughout it. The flames were licking at the air, and from them thousands of glistening red and orange butterflies took flight. It was like they were a part of the fire itself and sought to spread to the sky. That's about all I recall bfeore waking up abruptly to a noise outside my room.

     Thankfully however, it was just my cat scratching at a nearby box. That's just his way of letting me know he's hungry. Even still it made my heart jump, it's to the point where I'm sleeping with a knife underneath my pillow. I felt kinda silly charging out my door, holding a knife, only to be greeted by my small furry pet. I've always hated how he wakes me up sometimes, but I can definitely say this was one night I was relieved to find him parked on the ground looking up curiously at me.

     I've talked to Sara a little bit about the incident that happened the other day. She was planning to come over today but I think something came up. Can't say I blame her, I feel dead, I wouldn't want to be around me either. Unlike her however, I don't have a choice.

     Take care everyone.

- The Acquitted

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  1. I use two sound machines to help mask small noises and help me sleep. Summer is really the best time though because the hum and vibration of the air conditioner masks Everything.