Saturday, April 23, 2011

That's not me.

     Ever since the posting of that last video, I've been feeling incredibly ill. So much has happened since then but it all feels like it's only been a matter of hours. It's so hard to describe with this constant pounding in my head. I have to make this blog quick and to the point, I'm currently on my last little bit of internet time here at this library and I thought I'd at least post to let people know I'm still alive.

     I haven't been to my place much. After the video, I ran back home, and managed to stay there for the night. I've never been so uneasy and paranoid in my whole life. Even in the little sleep I managed to get, I was still clinging to my knife so tightly that my fingers were going numb. It felt like every few minutes my eyes would shoot wide open and I'd be greeted by nothing but darkness. Even the shadows themselves never seemed so black. The morning after was no better. I was coughing and throwing up profusely, and I still feel that way even now.

     I haven't really talked to anyone. What the hell am I supposed to say? Some demonic looking creature straight out of the Hellsing manga decided to try and attack me in the woods? I already look like I'm on the lunacy fringe right now, talking like that would only further confirm my deteriorating mental state.

     I truly don't feel like anywhere is safe right now. I keep expecting to turn my head and be greeted by something unholy and terrifying. Every few seconds I swear I can see those horrible black tentacles out of the corner of my eye. Just flowing effortlessly through the air and begging me to sit still long enough to make that THING'S job easier.

     I need to try and get ahold of someone. I've been trying to contact Sara recently but there's no luck. I'm going to be on my way to her place soon. I won't be bringing my camera, I don't have time or the means to film this whole ordeal right now. I need to get my head straight. Maybe seeing the girl I love will help calm me. I don't know anymore. I'm willing to try anything to just make this anxiety go away.

- The Acquitted


  1. That is exactly what you are supposed to say. While we are not as comforting as someone you see face to face we have the means to provide you with ways to protect yourself, as well as understand what you are going through. Many are in your situation, my dear. You have every right to be confused, scared, paranoid as all hell. But it's not going to do you any good to be consumed by them. Focus, think, adapt.

    We are here to help you but we cannot if you don't let us.

    In the meantime get as much sleep as you can, you'll need your rest. Be careful with that knife, and watch out.

    Stay safe.

  2. I found you video on youtube, If this is a joke its not funny. This kinda stuff has been happening to me, I wake up and shadow people are standing over me. I know now that it has something to do with astral travel.