Friday, June 10, 2011

This will be short

     I am sorry I haven't kept every one updated. I've been staying away from home for the time being. The past few nights I've been couch hopping once more, it's not the most fun thing in the world, but it beats being there. I've looked all around my house and cannot find a single tape or bit of information that would lead me in a positive direction. Everything is turning up empty handed, or at least, it was.

     I contacted my family and asked about where my high school year books might be, old cassettes, anything of that nature. They've got a small storage unit a few miles away and I plan to check there for some old boxes that might contain the information I need. Nothing at my home has proven to be of any use, so I'm going to check there and continue looking.

     I was trying to maintain a somewhat normal life, albeit an almost hermit life. I've only kept in contact with a select few, as my trust is wavering. The reason I was prompted to leave my home to begin with was because I heard a lot of hollaring and other racket outside my house. I went downstairs after being rudely awoken by such noise, and saw two figures having a scuffle near my back yard. Then I saw it. That blasted Rabbit Mask. That sick fucker has been too close to my home.

     I took my emergency kit, a backpack full of useful objects, food, tools, my knife, the works. I didn't bother calling the cops. We saw how well that went last time. So I got out as quickly as I could. I won't disclose in great detail exactly where I've been staying, I am treasuring my privacy and my secrecy at this moment in time. Took me a little while to get my head on straight and coordinate a plan of "attack" so to speak, but I think heading to that storage unit is my best bet.

     I'll be heading there at some point, maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. The less information I willingly hand out, the better. Thank you everyone who has trying to offer their aid to me. Maybe you all are right, maybe I do need to wake up and stop living in a state of perpetual denial. When I come across anything of worth, I'll archive it by posting a video update. That's the best I can offer right now.

- The Acquitted

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  1. Hey. You don't have to offer us anything, dear. We're the ones that are offering you help. Just post what you can, when you can. The rest of the time just do what you can to stay safe. We can't do much through a screen other than offer help, research, comfort. We can't smack with a shovel anyone that may harm you, but we can listen and try to help you with information when you are willing to give it out. And if it isn't something you want to do publically just message those you are willing to share with.

    Stay safe, dear.